Yacht review PERSHING 70 | Part 2

To try a Pershing is always an emotional thing. The actual test is coming to an end. But just wait because there’s some other, pretty strong stuff coming. The designer of this model Fovio Desmond. And the entire Pershing series in fact. As well as engineers from advanced yacht technology. And design and architects from variety of groups. Sent a style have all been a big risk. They wanted to experiment with new styles. And I have to say that they’ve achieved, something spectacular.

To start with a molding that expresses speed. And innovation. To drive the Pershing 70 is awesome. But the interior is pretty special too. The yacht was designed and built in Italy. And it is obvious that the interior’s, have been well thought out. But these are particularly original and sporty. The wood is ash and dark grey lacquered in a sense. Ceilings have LED lights. The living room has a large leather sofa. And has storage drawers. The table sits six. And there’s a low cabinet that holds a 46-inch TV. The main sofa fits in perfectly with the furnishings. It’s made by Portrana Friel. In front of it there’s another living space with a sofa. This area can be made into a bar area if you want. Up until now very nice traditional.

Now we’re going below deck. To get to the captain’s quarters, you have to go out onto the mezzanine floor. And then towards the stern. Wavy leather inserts divide the sleeping area. From the entrance where there are two wardrobes. Designed details on the walls enrich the cabin. That’s already full of style and technology. The double bed is suspended.

Do you like the decor in the main bathroom? They’ve created a mosaic with brushed aluminium. In various colours. It’s a work of modern art. From the mezzanine floor. You’ve got access to all areas below deck. How many exactly? At the bow we’ve got the pretty big VIP cabin. With a double wardrobe. Private bath and separate shower. The third cabin has single beds and a bathroom. Again separate shower. It could be made into another living area though. Or office. I really like the way they’ve organized the kitchen. Making the best use of space. With glass partitions. Electrics are something that we’ve never really look at. But really are quite fundamental in a yacht. On the Pershing 70 they’ve used M Sfet technology. To get the best out of the size. And length of the electric cables. So they’ve therefore lowered weights. And energy dispersion.

With touch screen panels you can control, all the electrics on board. You can monitor single utilities. And look at various data from the boat. Usually such sophisticated systems, are only on bigger yachts. One more thing. There’s an innovative control system, for the audio visual equipment through your iPad. That gets rid of all those remote controls. And allows yo to use digital archives on the server. You can change the brightness of the lights. Draw the curtains. Change the temperature as well as normal things like, surfing the web of course. So what do you think? Well obviously you can choose other beautiful 70 footers. That are just as fast. But with this weight powered ratio. I can’t think of any. Rent this yacht in France with Arthaud Yachting | www.arthaudyachting.com.